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The Brighterside Boxing team was started as a vehicle to steer the inner-city youths of Cleveland from drugs and street violence.  This team came to be because someone saw a need to help the neighborhood youths to keep them on a positive path.  That someone was Fred Wilson(father of five, member of the Brighterside Street Club, Chairman of the Drug Free Zone strategy Council for the Brighterside, a member of Calvary Apostolic Assembly under the direction of Bishop Lewis Q. Fitzpatrick) who began coaching some of the teens out of his basement for years.  Word spread fast of him volunteering with the kids, what started with eight grew to more than his basement could accommodate.  So, he began to seek out help from others.

Today he envision building a state of the art facility that will be equip to house boxers, educate the boxers and other neighborhood youth , and host world class tournaments.

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